How to Find and Form a “Parenting Posse” – Harvard Business Review

Executive Summary

Every working parent needs support. The key is to form a “parenting posse,” group of people to serve as backup and support for a specific set of needs. But finding these people can be hard to difficult, especially when the pandemic comes into play. Fortunately, there are ways to create this support system. First, make a list of your top three to five pain points, then, figure out the best people that can help you. Third, define a clear system to get the help you need. Finally, if necessary, explore bigger changes — even if that includes a move to get the support you need.

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The beginning of this year was a particularly hectic one for my family. From January to March, I would fly to San Francisco every week to participate in a Y Combinator batch. It was a critical opportunity for building the digital tool I’m working on, but it also meant added complexity at home, with a husband building his own company and two kids in second grade and kindergarten, respectively. We had my parents as backup, but with so much going on, we knew we needed more.

I reached out to some of the parents of my daughter’s friends, told them the situation, and asked if