Parenting In Focus: Ways to discipline – Sequim Gazette

It isn’t easy knowing how to discipline or even when to discipline a baby or a toddler. It isn’t easy to know if you should be disciplining a young person at all or what behavior you should ignore.

Young children are naturally curious and that is how it should be. The best way to handle some of the curiosity that is bound to lead them into problems is to eliminate temptations and no-nos.

Certainly cleaning supplies and medications should be kept well out of reach. Even special equipment such as video equipment or expensive items such as jewelry should be carefully put away.

When you are having issues with your child’s behavior, determine if there is a cause for his behavior. Is he tired and has he been playing a long time? Has he become hungry from being on the go too long? Is he upset because he is not getting what he wants when he wants it? Is he feeling neglected and wanting attention?

How you handle temper tantrums now may play a large part in how your preschooler acts when he or she gets older. Incorrect handling could very well lead to behavior problems in the future

Children of any age can have temper tantrums. Actually, parents can have them too. But for this article we will be discussing young children having temper tantrums or discipline problems.

Handling a child having a tantrum is complex. However, there are some things you can do to help make it easier for you