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September 16th is National Working Parents Day, and a chance to celebrate the millions of Americans who juggle working with parenting.

In 2020, combining the two has taken on new challenges due to COVID-19. Many parents find themselves not only having to work from home, but playing teacher to their kids who are forced to learn at home due to the virus.

Dr. Tracey Reichert Schimpff from Falk College’s Department of Marriage & Therapy at Syracuse University says it’s important to remember that COVID-19 has turned our world upside down, and with things being so different, it’s important to set realistic goals.

“Maybe the things we would normally be able to do, we have to think about doing differently or having a different schedule” she says. “Having patience around what we’re able to accomplish and what are kids are able to accomplish.”

Among her other tips:

  • When it comes to helping kids learn at home, parents should seek support and advice from the school, teachers and other parents.
  • Make sure to take breaks from work from time to time – and don’t always spend that time with the kids. It’s important to have “me time.”
  • Recognize your flaws and realize it’s okay if you don’t get everything done.
  • Schedule time for your kids. Maybe before or after an online work meeting or phone call, at lunch