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By guest editor, Brittany Collins, Director of PAACT: Promising All Atlanta Children Thrive

Parenting young children has always been stressful, but parenting in a pandemic? It’s brought a whole new level of anxiety to families coping financially, socially, and emotionally with the COVID-19 pandemic.

The New York Times recently reported on several surveys showing that parents, particularly those with children under the age of 5, are more stressed than their non-parent peers. One survey found 63% of parents had lost emotional support this year, making things even more difficult for child caregivers. An online survey of Georgia parents conducted by GEEARS: Georgia Early Education Alliance for Ready Students found 83% of respondents agreed that COVID-19 had disrupted their home and family life.

As part of our PAACT: Promise All Atlanta Children Thrive  initiative, we have partnered with Civic Dinners to launch a series of virtual conversations to make it easier for Atlanta families to find a new source of support during these difficult times. The Parenting in a Pandemic Civic Dinners offer an authentic and transparent conversation for parents and caregivers about the realities of raising young children in Atlanta in 2020, and what we need to ensure our children have the best possible start. You can learn more here.

PAACT, an initiative of GEEARS, was established to promote and encourage