Thoughtful Parenting: Tips for online or hybrid learning success – Steamboat Pilot and Today

With parents balancing work and their kids’ home learning needs, it’s not surprising that many families are struggling to find their school groove. Distance learning requires focused attention and effort, which can be challenging for kids even under normal circumstances. 

The following eight tips support distance learning success. At first glance, this list can look overwhelming, so try one or two of these ideas at a time. During stressful times, it’s especially important for parents to take care of themselves too. 

  • Create structure and a study space at home: Neuropsychology research tells us that kids have better retention if learning takes place at the same time and location as much as possible. Work with your kids to set up a consistent workspace and daily schedule. What time will at-home learning start and end? Make sure water and supplies are on hand to minimize distractions.
  • Catch them doing right: Many students with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder get negative feedback five to 10 times more than positive feedback. To encourage growth, acknowledge small successes, such as “I appreciate how you were at your desk this morning at 9 a.m.” “Do you know you just worked for 30 minutes straight? Great work.” Recognize the effort that it takes to get to the desired outcome. 
  • Movement breaks: Notice what blend of focused work and movement breaks work for your child. Studies show