In life and art, multitalented theater creator David Israel Reynoso opens new doors – The San Diego Union-Tribune

Reynoso said theatrical costume design is more complex than it looks.

“The thing that’s most crucial to a successful costume design is the idea that the clothes are so personal to each of us,” he said. “It reflects where someone is both socio-economically and also their perception of themselves and how they present themselves to the world.”

The famous Hecate dress from "Sleep No More."

The famous Hecate dress that David Israel Reynoso created for Punchdrunk’s immersive theater show “Sleep No More.”

(Courtesy photo)

His big break arrived in 2009 when London’s Punchdrunk immersive theater company brought to ART its production of “Sleep No More” — a walk-through adaptation of Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” — and Reynoso was asked to design the costumes. His lavish and crisply detailed work, in particular a lush velvet and feathered gown worn by the witch Hecate, won him an OBIE Award when the show transferred to an off-Broadway hotel in 2011. The show ran nine years in New York and is still playing in Shanghai.

In 2011, Reynoso and his former wife decided to move to San Diego.

“I was always curious to live on the West Coast, and I’d heard of the work coming out of San