Dr. Randy Cale’s Terrific Parenting: One great misery formula: Wasted questions – Troy Record

Our brains love questions. It’s the nature of the mind.

Yet, we often fail to realize how powerful these questions can be and how much they can consume our lives. For both good and bad.

But let’s assume we all want more love, more joy, and more beautiful time with our family. Given that, it’s essential then to notice how we use (or abuse) questions to direct attention and energy. Without really noticing, we can be creating one outcome that is quite negative, while having the intention of something very different.

Wasted questions!

What do I mean by wasted questions? These are questions that serve no value. They do not help you. They do not support your child. They do not bring about a better understanding. They do not change behavior. They serve to waste time and direct attention toward portions of life outside of