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Lisa Bryan is the brains behind the popular YouTube channel Downshiftology, along with a blog with the same name. Lisa shares wholesome recipes with her one million-plus subscribers, educating anyone who’s interested in operating within a healthy lifestyle how to meal prep, master kitchen basics, and try out new recipes that are gluten-free and often vegetarian and low carb. 

But Lisa hardly expected her YouTube channel to take off. It was her blog, first, that found a following, but that same audience constantly asked her to visually show how she makes her recipes, rather than simply rely on reading text.

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“I was thinking that I was too old for YouTube,” Lisa says with a laugh. “Ironically, three years later there’s over one million subscribers. I think they were looking for some more mature voices.”

And that’s certainly what she’s giving the people. Positioned in her own kitchen in Southern California, Lisa gently guides her audience through a host of recipes, from crispy zucchini fritters to gluten-free chocolate mug cakes, warmly inviting you into her home, just like a close friend would. Along with her recipes, she’s become known as a meal prep connoisseur, which has lent