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Parenting Tips for Fathers

Are you ready for your first child? It’s an incredible feeling to watch the development of a newborn over time. 

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Fathers play an important role, similar to mothers, in nurturing children emotionally and physically. 

I come across many fathers who say – I do spend time with my child, I play with him, we talk about sports and watch TV together.

But dear fathers, playing with your kids isn’t enough.

Children need you as somebody with whom they can share their emotions, feelings, and feel more confident.

Giving advices or taking away their best moments from them is going to pull you off from your little one.

Talk on breakfast table about news, what’s happening around the world, share friendship advice and discuss the next outing. 

Have some bonding time over puzzles, swimming and cycling, cricket, football and tennis.

Dear father, this is a message from me, a child psychologist to you, a person whom your little one looks up to.

Take care of your children. 

Stay blessed !