Pandemic parenting: Responding to poor behavior in children –

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) – Have you noticed your kids acting out more over the last couple of months? Perhaps they have been giving you more back talk or sass. Are they acting out of character?

Well, as we move deeper into the pandemic, a number of families are experiencing that right now. Katie Collett followed up with Justin Ray and Megan Sweeney, two mental health professionals with Fairfield Psychological Associates in Virginia Beach, for their advice on pandemic parenting.

“In a lot of the families that I’m working with they are school age, like I would say more 10 and under, it’s more of behavioral problems that didn’t exist before,” said Megan, a licensed professional counselor.

Megan says a schedule is so important for our bodies to thrive.

“So when I work with parents, what is your daily schedule? What does it look like? What does morning to night look like? If it’s chaotic, then the behavior is going to be chaotic. Do we need to change up their schedule a little bit? Do we need to add a bike ride in the morning to get some of their energy out? Or maybe in the evening?”

Justin is a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. He says it’s imperative for parents to set a positive example by following CDC guidelines that children hear almost everyday.

“You’re going to see kids say ‘well my dad doesn’t wear a mask’, or ‘my mom said’,