How to Raise a Human: 50 Of The Best Parenting Books For All Parents – Book Riot

This collection of best parenting books is sponsored by Workman Publishing.

Parenting is stressful, children are wild, and you’re only human. Carla Naumburg, PhD, a clinical social worker, has written this short, insight-packed, and tip-filled program for how to manage your triggers, stop the meltdowns, and become a calmer, happier parent. Based on research and evidence-based practices, and written in the warm, funny, relatable tone of a parent who’s been there, How to Stop Losing Your Sh*t with Your Kids guides even the most harried parents toward a new way of engaging with their children. Readers will come away feeling more empowered to get their sh*t together, instead of losing it.

My daughter is now 21 months old, and since having her (and since doing the research for this post), I feel like I have read a lot of parenting books. What I’ve read barely touches the surface of what is out there (it turns out that ‘parenting’ is a rather large topic and there are approximately a billion and one books written about it).

What Do The Best Parenting Books Have In Common?

What I’ve noticed from reading and skimming parenting books is that the same points keep